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Hi, I’m Melanie.

With only three projects, I’ve helped my clients make over $648,837 as a funnel consultant.

You know how frustrating it can be… your site gets 15,000 visitors a month, yet only 337 people are pulling out their credit cards. Your emails aren’t getting opened (or worse – you’re not even sending emails!) and you know your business could be better. Sure, you’re making some money, but you want your business to be more profitable and more fun.

If this sounds like you, then Congratulations! You’re in the right place.

Given all of the newbies and phonies on Upwork these days, it can be nearly impossible to find real talent. But don't worry - you've found it now. (And I’ve got the numbers to prove it).

"Working with Melanie was a HUGE success. Our ROI was over 4,000% and we’re still seeing conversions. The Wim Hof Method Video Course launch wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without her help. I promise - her services are worth every penny."

Bart Pronk

Marketing Manager of the Wim Hof Method

We both know your business is great.

Whether it’s an e-course, a physical product, or a service of your own, you know you need strong copy and a tight funnel to get traffic to your site and convert your visitors into customers.

Don’t worry. Your small investment will pay for itself over and over again when your sales double…triple…or even quadruple.

But don’t take my word for it…

Let me tell you about Jack.

Jack hired me because he had over 100,000 people on his email list, but he rarely messaged them (*facepalm*). Within a few weeks, he was earning over $6,000 per email (and sometimes as much as $11,000!).

"Melanie was great to work with. She jumped right in and redid our entire email marketing strategy. She helped me reconsider my messaging and branding and offered some new ideas that I had never considered. She was very autonomous and implemented all of it so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Her newsletters alone brought in over $37,200 of sales."

Jack Haldrup,

CEO of Dr. Squatch